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Makarska riwiera

Makarska Riviera climate

Baška Voda is a model representative of the Makarska Riviera climate, with 2,700 hours of sunshine annually. During more than 40 days of the year, the temperature is over 30°C. The average monthly temperature in July is 24.3º (air) or 25.1ºC (sea) and in January 8.3ºC (air) or 13.5ºC (sea).

Local and seasonal winds also help maintain Makarska Riviera’s agreeable climate. During spring and summer, the most characteristic wind is the maestral, which blows from the sea, bringing fresher air, and in the summer, longed-for cooling breezes. During the night, the maestral is replaced by the burin (a light northerly), which cools the overheated, dry ground.

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