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Brac Island

Brac gastronomy

The people of Brac Island will welcome you with dried figs, carob and almonds. They serve classic Dalmatian dishes using fish, shellfish, olive oil, pasta and fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables. But Brač cuisine also has its own specialities.

Brač lamb and kid, not yet weaned from their mothers’ milk, made Brač cuisine famous in ancient times.

Vitalac is a Brač delicacy and consists of lamb offal speared on a thin skewer and wrapped in the stomach lining. Vitalac is sliced and eaten while the rest of the lamb is still roasting. Another speciality is butalac, stuffed leg of lamb rubbed with aromatic herbs and basted in wine.

Tingul is braised lamb and there are many more dishes in which the famous Brač lamb is the main ingredient.

Brač cheese.

Procip is made from newly-made cheese, during the first 24 hours. Slices are cut and cooked in caramelised sugar.

Smutica is a delicious drink made from four parts fresh goat’s milk and one part red wine. Hippocrates recommended it, along with many other Brač specialities which were famous then and are still made today.

We should not forget to mention Plavac wine, which has been drunk on Brač since time immemorial.

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