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Brac Island

Early Brac history begins with settlements in the Epipaleolithic and Mesolithic periods. Different peoples and cultures have left their stamp on Brač, from the Romans, who established the first stone quarries, making Brač famous far and wide, to the Venetians, Austrians and even the French.

It was the French administration which established the first schools with lessons in Croatian. In more recent history, Brac Island was affected by huge waves of emigration, particularly between the two World Wars, from which she only slowly recovered. Today, Brac Island is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the Adriatic. Visitors are left speechless at the island's rich history, cultural and natural attractions and return again and again.

* 336 BC: first mention of Brač (Krateiai, later Brectia and Brattia)

* 229 BC: the Romans begin occupying the east coast of the Adriatic and set up estates and stone quarries on Brač.

* 614 AD: the fall of Salonis and the flight of the townspeople,who settled on Brač

* 1102-1278: Brač is part of the Croato-Hungarian Kingdom and is occasionally occupied by the Venetians or Byzantines.

* 1420-1797: Brač is governed by the Venetian Republic.

* 1797-1805: the first Austrian administration

* 1805-1813: the French administration, during which aristocratic rights were abolished and elementary education in Croatian established

* 1814-1918: Austrian rule

* 20th century: huge losses during two World Wars and mass emigration overseas (to North and South America, Australia and New Zealand)

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