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Hvar Island

The Hvar climate is characterised by pleasant summers cooled by the mild maestral wind, which blows from north to west. It usually picks up around 11 a.m. and dies down at sunset. This is a wind loved by sailors, for it is moderate and constant. Rain is very rare on the island in summer.

Hvar climate

Hvar is the longest Adriatic island (68 km), positioned from north to west.

Due to its geographical position the Hvar climate is characterised by mild winters and dry summers. There are an average of 2,726 hours of sunshine annually on Hvar Island. Average annual air temperatures typical of the Hvar climate are above 20°C, while July and August are the hottest months. In July the mean air temperature is 23.4°C, and in August, 23.2°C.

The mildest winter weather is in Hvar Town, in the bay exposed to the west and sheltered from the north and south by higher ground.

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