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Hvar Island

Hvar history begins in the fifth century BC, but the first enduring imprint on the island was made by the Greeks, when they founded the city of Pharos. The story of Hvar is intricate and sometimes stormy, but during Venetian rule it was the wealthiest parish in Dalmatia. So it is only natural that it is today reviving its ancient glory by becoming a top tourist destination for the rich and famous.

Hvar history

5th century BC - first mention of Hvar Island as a Liburnian isle

385 BC - Ionian Greeks from Paros found the city of Pharos (from whence the island

gets its name), today Stari Grad

219 BC - the Romans occupy Pharos and exile the Greek general, Demetrius of Hvar.

47 BC - Caesar and Pompei clash in a sea battle at Ščedro – Caesar's general, Vatinius, is victorious

2nd century AD - arrival of the Neretva Croats, a tribe from the River Neretva valley

9th and 10th centuries - Hvar belongs to the Neretva principality

11th century - Hvar becomes part of the Croatian kingdom

1147 - Venice occupies Hvar and establishes the Diocese of Hvar

1310 - Native aristocrats from the island's interior rebel under the leadership of Juraj and Galeša Slavogost.against Venetian rule

1331 - adoption of the Hvar Constitution

1358 - Hvar becomes part of the Croato-Hungarian kingdom – for a brief period at the end of the 14th century it is ruled by Bosnian kings.

1420. g. - Hvar opet dolazi pod vlast Venecije; Hvar je u tome razdoblju bio najbogatija, samostalna župa venecijanske Dalmacije

1510. – 1514. g. - pobuna otočkoga stanovništva pod vodstvom Vrbovljanina Matije Ivanića protiv hvarskog plemstva

1420 - Hvar comes under Venetian rule again and is one of the wealthiest independent parishes in Venetian Dalmatia

7 October 1571 - the battle of Lepant, in which the fleet of the Holy Alliance defeated the Turkish fleet – the Hvar galley Sv. Jerolim takes part in the battle, captained by Ivan Balci.

1797 - the fall of Venice – Hvar is transferred to Austrian rule

1805 - Hvar comes under French administration until 1812, when the English reach the island – they stay for only a year

1813-1918 - Hvar, along with Dalmatia, becomes part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

1918-1921 - Hvar is occupied by Italy

1921-1941 - Hvar becomes part of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Yugoslavia)

1991 Hvar becomes part of the independent Republic of Croatia

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